About store

What kind of miracles you can find in Bella’s Miracle Shop?

Feel ultra spiritual lately?
Noticed some addiction with crystals? 🙂
My miracle store is for you!
❤ HUGE COLLECTION OF STONES AND CRYSTALS tumbled, rough, big mineral specimens, gems and rocks from different countries. One of largest variety in BC!
❤Metaphysical, new age items
❤Tools for energy practices, carved stones, healing and magick wands, tools for psychics and healers.
❤ Rare highvibrational stones and crystals of New Era.
❤ Talismans from different traditions. Artifacts, magic tools.
❤ HUGE selection of silver JEWELRY with powerful big natural stones, bracelets, rings, pendant’s, earrings!
Jewelry from the Best movies ever! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Iron Man,  LOTR, Aliens, Hunger games,  Predator, Game of Thrones and more!
❤ Incense from Nepal and India, healing incense, Sage, spiritual essential oils.
❤ Runes, skulls, prayer mala beads, Buddhist ritual items, Tibetan talismans, bowls, flags, DZI beads.
❤ Spiritual home decor, banners, stickers, curtains, bedspreads, wall hangings with Gods and Goddess, OM, mandala tapestry blankets, mantras, magic signs.
❤Large section of Tarot, Oracle cards and crystal books.
❤ Colorful hand made clothing and accessory from Thailand, India, Nepal, America.