Tucson gem and mineral show: The Hobbit: There and Back Again!


300 kg of treasures we bring from Tuscon gem and mineral show. Rare crystals, stones, druzy, spiritual wood carving from Bali, African masks,  tons of jewelry, mala beads and bracelets, amazing talismans, jewelry making supplies, finding, semi-precious beads and MORE! 🙏 💖

This is only ONE from 46 Tucson shows exhibition!

It was a PARADISE in Tucson for those who love crystals!
We arrived home! I’ve never been so glad to be home! 
We brought tons of impressions, 300 kg of treasures and also we brought “Tucson show flu”, there is even a special name for this 🙂 Now we feel almost good and come back to normal work. WELCOME to see new miracles and treasures from around the world!
Crazy crazy hard, painful, tired like never, and amazing pleasured delightful time we have in Tucson!

We was like “The Hobbit: There and Back Again”:))) We’ve gone from Canada, British Columbia, then in the United States: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, California. 6 days only for driving


Quartz from India

Orthoceras table

Arkansas quartz cluster!Beads paradise

Kingman turquoise Amethyst tree from BrazilBlue topazes from Monaco traderMoldavite!Ethiopian fire opalsRose quartz Buddhas from IndiaMagic wands from IndiaNatural untreated TurquoiseTrilobitesAzurite from MoroccoRare Agate/Chalcedony from Morocco