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Second location NOW OPEN! “Bella’s Miracle Shop White” at Morgan Crossing shopping mall in Surrey.

We bring World to You! Buy largest variety in Surrey BC Vancouver area: Crystals, stones, hand made jewelry, spiritual and Boho home decor, Gods and Goddesses, magickal gifts, high quality incense, oils, candles, mandala tapestry, Tarot and Oracle cards, amazing Boho clothing, tools for energy healing, largest variety of stone bracelets and necklaces, dreamcatchers, mermaids, unicorns, dragons:) …And always something you can’t even imagine!
Gates to Heaven in the middle of Vancouver Surrey area! Step in and feel the goodness 🕉

Second location NOW OPEN! “Bella’s Miracle Shop White” at Morgan Crossing shopping mall in Surrey.

Check current hours, address and phone HERE


buy boho, batik and tie dye clothing in White Rock and Surrey BC

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Boho summer and spring clothing collection already in store

Do you know our summer boho clothing collection is already in store? Hand made tie die in India, Hawaii, Bali, ITALY! Bohemian styles and colors and natural fabric, amazing comfort! One size fits all. Best prices in town! White Rock, Surrey BC Selected items on sale with 25% Off!

🌈🔮💃🏼✨🌠In this handmade natural fabric with pretty sparkling lace, stretch, comfortable, layered, flying, loose design clothing, you will look and feel happy! See it in person!👗👠🥿💍👑💰all natural COTTON, linen, bamboo cotton! Colorful, comfortable, one size fits all, some models up to 4XL. A lot of models “oversized”, fits up to 3 sizes bigger then on the label. All hand made in India, designed in Italy.

buy boho and tiedye clothing in White Rock and Surrey BC

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Black Friday 2019

BLACK FRIDAY SALE 25% off whole store *regular priced items only. As always HALF priced necklaces and stones as well:) find them on special shelves. HOURS 11-7 pm #bellasmiracleshop #deltabc #surreybc #newwest #richmondbc #langleybc #whiterock #blaine #bellingham #abbotsford #kitsilano #vancouver #whiterockbeach #truesurrey #explorewhiterock #missionbc #mapleridge #coquitlam #burnabybc #aldergrove #abbotsfordbc #whiterockbc

How to identify FAKE MOLDAVITE? HUGE amount of one of the most powerful stones on the current market are fake now.

Today article about huge amount of fake Moldavite on the market! Most powerful transformation stone (meteorite, tektite) in the World.

So many fake Moldavite stones, beads, jewelry on Amazon, Ebay right now! So many of them will provide you certificate! This time i will just post few links to articles made by reputable and trusted sellers, who want to educate people. Please spend some time and read it;) You will enjoy it! And you can help your friends who have same stone addiction as we are:))) to know how to avoid fakes! PLEASE SHARE. We have huge variety of 100% natural Moldavite jewelry and stones. You can trust if you buy from us, as always !🦄🙏🏻💖🕉 

Small quote from one of the articles: “High Quality Fake Facets coming out of Thailand with Certifications! Good Color but virtually flawless with none of the tell tale signs of Moldavite, all though some are starting to use glass material with bubble but the color is way off. These are all over ebay as well. This is why a certificate is really worthless, it all comes down to research and finding a Trusted source.”
Few basic things to pay attention:
1. Price per gram of ROUGH moldavite small size pieces should be not less then about $10USD per 1 gr if you are not buying wholesale or very large amount.
2. Color
3. Surface texture and shine
4. Inclusions!
5. Size/price proportion, because 90% of Moldavite are less then 1 inch!
6. Country of seller location.
Here is the links

You can always bring your Moldavite to us to check if it’s natural. #moldavite #moldavitejewelry #fakemoldavite @ Bella’s miracle shop

MOLDAVITE MEANING, METAPHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES Transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, protection, increased incidence of synchronicities

Page from “Pocket book of stones”



Natural Moldavite collection in Bella’s Miracle Shop

Locket necklace with Balinese HARMONY ANGEL ball (aka Bola Necklace, Bola PREGNANCY Necklace, Angel Caller)

Balinese HARMONY ANGEL ball (aka Bola Necklace, Bola PREGNANCY Necklace, Angel Caller), Aromatherapy locket necklace.

Traditional talisman in Bali and Mexico. This pendant will make a wonderful Pregnancy or Baby Shower Gift.
In many cases the pregnancy harmony ball pendant is passed on from mother to daughter and becomes a treasured family heirloom. Harmony Ball (Bola) has been worn for centuries by pregnant women in Balinese and Mayan cultures for the calming effect it can have on the unborn baby in the womb. A traditional Harmony Ball is typically made from sterling silver and contains a small bell like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, similar to the sound of wind chimes in a very soft breeze
After the birth of the child, the mother will often shorten the necklace so that the harmony ball pendant is situated between her nape and her breasts so that it can be played with by the child whilst breast feeding, additionally the soothing sound of the pregnancy harmony ball emanates as the mother gently rocks her baby to sleep – this familiar sound helps reduce some of the stress that some babies encounter when feeding (of course this helps mum too).

Aside from bringing a sense of calm and harmony to the wearer, the Harmony Ball (Bola) has been worn for centuries by pregnant women in Balinese and Mayan cultures for the calming effect it can have on the unborn baby in the womb.
The pregnant woman will wear the harmony ball on a long chain or cord so that the harmony ball pendant rests somewhere on her ‘bump’. As the mother-to-be goes about her daily tasks the pendant will move emitting the soft chime sound which is only just audible. This sound will penetrate into the womb and will be even softer. An unborn baby will begin to hear at about 20 weeks’ gestation so your unborn baby will begin to hear your soothing voice and your loving words, and the baby will also hear the soft chime sound of the harmony ball. Of course the unborn baby will hear other sounds too however particularly in the quiet surroundings of the home away from loud noises the baby will hear the soothing chime sound every time mum moves, whilst doing her housework, or simply getting up off the sofa to make a cup of coffee and even at the supermarket or walking down a quiet street – anytime she moves. Aside from mums own voice the sound of the harmony ball will be the most frequently common sound a baby in the womb will hear (sorry Dads).

The real benefit of the Harmony Ball worn during pregnancy comes after the baby is born! The real benefit comes during breastfeeding.  In the short term after coming out from the warmth and comfort of the womb breastfeeding can be a stressful period for the newborn (and that can affect mum too). Newborn babies have one priority and that is to feed. Breastfeeding is often a wonderful experience however it can be a very stressful time for baby and mum at times. Soon after birth mum will shorten up her long harmony ball pregnancy necklace so that it is now around her breastbone area so whilst breastfeeding and gently rocking her newborn the chime sound from her harmony ball will be heard by the baby. It is a familiar sound to your baby, a sound associated with warmth and comfort. In addition to mums soft soothing words as her baby feeds the newborn hears the familiar chime. We are all much more comfortable and relaxed when we are in a familiar environment with familiar sights, sounds and smells – so too is baby. As the newborn grows he/she will extend their little hand to touch that shiny thing around mum’s neck and play with it and enjoy that familiar sound. Because baby is calmer then so is mum – many of the stresses often associated with breastfeeding for some mothers, are now taken care of – not necessarily on every occasion but often enough for there to be a tangible benefit.

BONUS! You can put your favorite STONE inside instead of ball. Just make chain shorter and it became unique peace of jewelry! Put Lava stone ball and few drops of your favorite oil on lava ball and enjoy relaxing or energizing aroma all day long!

Buy Locket necklace for Aromatherapy with Lava stone ball or HARMONY ANGEL ball, Bola Necklace, Bola PREGNANCY Necklace, Angel Caller harmony ball locket necklaces in largest variety in Canada in our White Rock BC store or online at

December 2018 Christmas sales at Bella’s Miracle Shop

25-50% OFF! Wow. Just in time to buy gifts for all your friends and family:) 🧜🏻‍♀️🦄🧚🏻‍♀️🕉💖💎

New arrivals every day! New hours! New gift cards! 1000+ rings in stock! Tons of hand made jewelry and gifts! 💎🛍💰CHECK NEWS FOR MORE CHRISTMAS DECEMBER SALES AND SPECIALS!

💖🎄🎁🎉We are more then ready for all your #christmasgifts #christmasshopping ! Waiting for you at the BEST place to buy Gifts for your Soul! 15000+ miracles from around the world #deltabc #surreybc  #newwest #richmondbc  #langleybc #whiterock #whiterockchristmas #whiterockshopping #blaine #bellingham #abbotsford #kitsilano #vancouver #whiterockbeach  #missionbc #mapleridge #coquitlam  #burnabybc #abbotsfordbc  #whiterockbc #aldergrovebc #fortlangleybc #ladnerbc #tsawassen #ferndalewa



90% Citrine on the marked are FAKE now.

Long time i’m trying to prepare good article about FAKE CITRINES on the current market. Every day I see people don’t know how to separate them. Sad fact it’s NOW ABOUT 90% of Citrine on the marked (it means in almost every crystal store you go!) ARE FAKE. Unfortunately it is very hard with my English to wright long text, so i finally give up and decide to just post few good articles i found in internet and i think they are pretty good!:)
So, if you want to know difference for yourself, if you want to be able to don’t buy any more fake Citrine, please read this article (find a link below) VERY CAREFULLY.

📌 Please note: we only sell NATURAL CITRINE in BELLA’S MIRACLE SHOP. 
You can always bring me your Citrine if you want to know if it is natural or not.

In many places in internet and from MANY store owners you can now read/hear: heated Amethyst now called “Citrine” so it is not a scam to sell it with that name anymore. Well.., people who sell fake Gold also will called it “GOLD”! Citrine and Amethyst it is a DIFFERENT variety of Quartz, yellow color of Citrine it is result of having DIFFERENT minerals composition then Amethyst. So if you paint cucumber in purple color, you can name it Eggplant, and you can truly say: both of them are VEGETABLES! But it will be still CUCUMBER! )))

I had conversation with one of my customers lately about FAKE CITRINE on the market and after I decided to put this new part IN this article! 🙂
❗️BUT! heated Amethyst by my professional opinion is NOT even Amethyst any more. Energy is very different, properties are very different.
Why ?
Yellow color stones are much lower vibrational than purple color stones. You know probably that different colors have a different level of _vibration of the light wave_ (therefore we see different colors !) and, accordingly, a different effect! Yellow color CHAKRA Manipura (Solar Plexus) is called “lover chakra”, purple one Sahasrara (Crown chakra) called High chakra, bcz of it’s VIBRATIONS LEVEL. Same with stones/colors/sound. THEN if somebody made YELLOW color stone FROM naturally PURPLE color stone what’s really going on? This man just lowers the level of vibrations of this stone. It is NOT Amethyst any more! It can’t PROVIDE healing and metaphysical properties of Amethyst, bcz they are BASED on the level of VIBRATIONS. Unfortunately. That is basically how COLOR THERAPY, Sound therapy, Stone/Lithotherapy works. I hope i made it clear for you, my friends:)

ALSO Citrine can be faked with irradiated/heated smoky quartz and dyed/irradiated clear quartz. They will be not easy to identify if you are not professional or without special tools. Bad sign if you see Citrine crystal have a green hue, with darker brown/black layers or spots or top. This is usually sign of Smoky quartz, treated in some way. But some (very few) of natural Citrines have greenish hue naturally.

Another bad sign if that you see table of “Natural Citrines” priced like quartz and all in one particular color and shade. On the one of the last gem show we saw table full of greenish lemon with dark brown tops smoky quartz clusters which was irradiated/heated/treated with sign “Natural rare new found Citrine”.
Please try to don’t buy fake “Citrine” man made from Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Cleare Quartz, so you will NOT SUPPORT THIS SCAM. Educate your self.


🧡💛 Also note that the ONLY NATURAL CITRINE provides absolutely unique HEALING properties that non ANY other crystals have! Please read properties on info card in store or ask Bella.

Just for you to keep in mind: we have the same _50-90% fake_ situation now with Turquoise, Nuummite, Ruby, Emeralds, Sapphires, Moonstone, Black Agate, Obsidian and few more.
Here is the article




Buy real genuine Citrine stones, crystals and Citrine Jewelry in Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock at Bella’s Miracle Shop and online at

Boho and tie dye clothing collection already in store

Do you know first part of summer boho and tiedye clothing collection is already in store? Hand made tie die in India, Hawaii, Bali, ITALY! Bohemian styles and colors and natural fabric, amazing comfort! One size fits all. Best prices in town! White Rock, Surrey BC

buy boho and tiedye clothing in White Rock and Surrey BC

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Black Friday 2017 Whole Store on Sale

Black Friday ONLY TODAY all regular priced rings 25% off
About 50 rings 25-50% off! $30-40CAD

🏄15% OFF WHOLE STORE Nov 15-30🌈
Cold? 🌴🐬Hawaiian weeks at Bella’s Miracle Shop Nov 15-30! Dive into the WARM atmosphere of sweet lovely tropical Paradise!
Hawaiian music, hawaiian sweets, hand made hawaiian clothes, sea glass, corall, Abalone shell hawaiian artisan jewelry, gifts, lottery with 4 Hawaiian prizes! 🏄15% OFF WHOLE STORE Nov 15-30
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