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Boho summer and spring clothing collection already in store

Do you know our summer boho clothing collection is already in store? Hand made tie die in India, Hawaii, Bali, ITALY! Bohemian styles and colors and natural fabric, amazing comfort! One size fits all. Best prices in town! White Rock, Surrey BC Selected items on sale with 25% Off!

🌈🔮💃🏼✨🌠In this handmade natural fabric with pretty sparkling lace, stretch, comfortable, layered, flying, loose design clothing, you will look and feel happy! See it in person!👗👠🥿💍👑💰all natural COTTON, linen, bamboo cotton! Colorful, comfortable, one size fits all, some models up to 4XL. A lot of models “oversized”, fits up to 3 sizes bigger then on the label. All hand made in India, designed in Italy.

buy boho and tiedye clothing in White Rock and Surrey BC

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90% Citrine on the marked are FAKE now.

Long time i’m trying to prepare good article about FAKE CITRINES on the current market. Every day I see people don’t know how to separate them. Sad fact it’s NOW ABOUT 90% of Citrine on the marked (it means in almost every crystal store you go!) ARE FAKE. Unfortunately it is very hard with my English to wright long text, so i finally give up and decide to just post few good articles i found in internet and i think they are pretty good!:)
So, if you want to know difference for yourself, if you want to be able to don’t buy any more fake Citrine, please read this article (find a link below) VERY CAREFULLY.

📌 Please note: we only sell NATURAL CITRINE in BELLA’S MIRACLE SHOP. 
You can always bring me your Citrine if you want to know if it is natural or not.

In many places in internet and from MANY store owners you can now read/hear: heated Amethyst now called “Citrine” so it is not a scam to sell it with that name anymore. Well.., people who sell fake Gold also will called it “GOLD”! Citrine and Amethyst it is a DIFFERENT variety of Quartz, yellow color of Citrine it is result of having DIFFERENT minerals composition then Amethyst. So if you paint cucumber in purple color, you can name it Eggplant, and you can truly say: both of them are VEGETABLES! But it will be still CUCUMBER! )))

I had conversation with one of my customers lately about FAKE CITRINE on the market and after I decided to put this new part IN this article! 🙂
❗️BUT! heated Amethyst by my professional opinion is NOT even Amethyst any more. Energy is very different, properties are very different.
Why ?
Yellow color stones are much lower vibrational than purple color stones. You know probably that different colors have a different level of _vibration of the light wave_ (therefore we see different colors !) and, accordingly, a different effect! Yellow color CHAKRA Manipura (Solar Plexus) is called “lover chakra”, purple one Sahasrara (Crown chakra) called High chakra, bcz of it’s VIBRATIONS LEVEL. Same with stones/colors/sound. THEN if somebody made YELLOW color stone FROM naturally PURPLE color stone what’s really going on? This man just lowers the level of vibrations of this stone. It is NOT Amethyst any more! It can’t PROVIDE healing and metaphysical properties of Amethyst, bcz they are BASED on the level of VIBRATIONS. Unfortunately. That is basically how COLOR THERAPY, Sound therapy, Stone/Lithotherapy works. I hope i made it clear for you, my friends:)

ALSO Citrine can be faked with irradiated/heated smoky quartz and dyed/irradiated clear quartz. They will be not easy to identify if you are not professional or without special tools. Bad sign if you see Citrine crystal have a green hue, with darker brown/black layers or spots or top. This is usually sign of Smoky quartz, treated in some way. But some (very few) of natural Citrines have greenish hue naturally.

Another bad sign if that you see table of “Natural Citrines” priced like quartz and all in one particular color and shade. On the one of the last gem show we saw table full of greenish lemon with dark brown tops smoky quartz clusters which was irradiated/heated/treated with sign “Natural rare new found Citrine”.
Please try to don’t buy fake “Citrine” man made from Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Cleare Quartz, so you will NOT SUPPORT THIS SCAM. Educate your self.


🧡💛 Also note that the ONLY NATURAL CITRINE provides absolutely unique HEALING properties that non ANY other crystals have! Please read properties on info card in store or ask Bella.

Just for you to keep in mind: we have the same _50-90% fake_ situation now with Turquoise, Nuummite, Ruby, Emeralds, Sapphires, Moonstone, Black Agate, Obsidian and few more.
Here is the article https://doodlepunkart.blogspot.com/2012/01/real-citrine-vs-heat-treated-amethyst.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR31-NI0HOB5kk-xngIELNNNWkuMnFY0OAJUM3cHfkpuaxf-SpRf6EolMLc


Buy real genuine Citrine stones, crystals and Citrine Jewelry in Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock at Bella’s Miracle Shop and online at www.light-inside.me

Black Friday 2017 Whole Store on Sale

Black Friday ONLY TODAY all regular priced rings 25% off
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❤ New Arrivals in September/October JEWELRY


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About Bella’s Miracle Shop

What kind of miracles you can find in Bella’s Miracle Shop?

Feel ultra spiritual lately?
Noticed some addiction with crystals? 🙂
My miracle store is for you!
❤ HUGE COLLECTION OF STONES AND CRYSTALS tumbled, rough, big mineral specimens, gems and rocks from different countries. Largest variety in Vancouver area!
❤Metaphysical, new age items
❤Tools for energy practices, carved stones, healing and magick wands, tools for psychics and healers.
❤ Rare highvibrational stones and crystals of New Era.
❤ Talismans/amulets from different traditions. Artifacts, magic tools.
❤ HUGE selection of silver JEWELRY with powerful big natural stones, bracelets, rings, pendant’s, earrings!
Jewelry from the Best movies ever! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Iron Man,  LOTR, Aliens, Hunger games,  Predator, Game of Thrones and more!
❤ Incense from Nepal and India, healing incense, Sage, spiritual essential oils.
❤ Runes, skulls, prayer mala beads, Buddhist ritual items, Tibetan talismans, bowls, flags, DZI beads.
❤ Spiritual home decor, banners, stickers, curtains, bedspreads, wall hangings with Gods and Goddess, OM, mandala tapestry blankets, mantras, magic signs, statues.
❤Large section of Tarot, Oracle cards and crystal books.
❤ Colorful hand made clothing and accessory from Thailand, India, Nepal, America (summer only).

Little video tour from November 2018

Video from 2017

Feb 2017  Have fun with putting sound on:) 🔮🕉💖🙏🏻

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